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Neurodivergent (Mind Divided).jpg

Welcome to my
ch a otic mind.

When I was in my mid-twenties, my mind and body broke down.

One month after beginning my MSc. in Neuroscience, I experienced neurological symptoms - and was eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Art and creative expression has been a key part of my own healing (from the word "hælan," to make whole). I approach art as a space to engage with the chaotic experience of illness, and the wonder of creation.


My preferred medium is collage, where I use small, torn-out pieces of paper to build something new and whole. Through an intuitive and associative process, I engage with the themes of: fragmentation, sensory overwhelm, the dualities of living between health/illness, and the desire toward transformation.

In the Labyrinth.jpeg
In the depths.jpeg

Through these works, I invite you to experience the world as I do – 

colorful, fragmented, abstract and interconnected. Intuitive, associative, sensory, and over-saturated with words and metaphors and obsessive details; unpractical and naïve, intimate, multi-layered and disorganized, 


with winding sentences and a mix of materials


a space in-between coherence and chaos, with endless potential. 


The story of my artwork is intertwined with both my story of illness and that stumbling path of adulthood.



Mixed Media Workshops

Creative workshops are a dedicated time to let the inner artist play, experiment and explore, doodle, collage, write and get into the f l o w.  

Meditate and Create 1:1 Sessions

Personalized sessions to support you in your creative projects

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